2022 Proposal Terms and Conditions

Effective February 1, 2022

2022 PROPOSAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS (the “Terms and Conditions”), dated as of the Effective Date above, between Backwoods Tree Service, Inc., an Illinois Corporation (“BTS”), and the person or entity accepting these Terms and Conditions (“you”, “your” or “Client”). WHEREAS, BTS has agreed to perform services on behalf of Client and Client has agreed to retain the services of BTS with respect to the services listed in the attached proposal for services (the “Proposal”) per the further terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.
Accordingly, the parties agree as follows:

A. Services to be Performed

  1. Services Listed in Proposal. The Proposal, together with any attachments, shall define the services to be performed (the “Work”) and the materials to be provided (the “Materials”).
  2. Services Defined in Glossary. The 2021 Glossary of Services (the “Glossary”) contains a definition of terms used in this Agreement as well as a general description of the services performed by BTS. The Glossary is available for reading and download at BTS’s website, www.backwoodstreeservice.com.
  3. Incorporation Into Proposal. These Terms and Conditions and the Glossary are hereby incorporated by reference into the Proposal, and together with the Proposal represent the complete agreement between the parties (the “Agreement”).
  4. Acceptance and Execution. The Client shall indicate acceptance of the Agreement by either (a) signing the Proposal or (b) indicating the Client’s acceptance of the Proposal terms by email or text message. This Agreement shall be considered executed on the date the Client accepts the Agreement by either method.
  5. Withdrawal If Not Accepted. BTS reserves the right to withdraw the Proposal if not accepted by the Client within 45 days of delivery to the Client.
  6. Time and Material. Work performed on a time and material basis includes the contracted amount per Individual Labor Hour, any and all equipment fees, plus any Materials supplied by BTS for use on Client’s property. This may include, but is not limited to, the travel to and from the Work site, time spent preparing prior to the Work, time spent cleaning and organizing after the Work is performed, and debris disposal.
    1. “Individual Labor Hour” or “ILH” means the productive effort of one person in one hour.
  7. Partial Services. If partial services are requested by the Client, BTS reserves the right to adjust the prices listed in the Proposal to reflect increased mobilization costs.
  8. Additional Work. Any additional Work must be contracted separately, either as a new Proposal or as a written amendment to an existing Agreement. The Client cannot request additional Work from BTS crew directly. Client shall contact the appropriate BTS project representative to arrange for any additional Work.
  9. Change Orders. Any modification or change to the Proposal shall be deemed an amendment to this Agreement, and any such modification or change must be in writing. An email or a text from the Client and acknowledged by BTS shall be considered a writing under this Agreement. However, under no circumstances shall a verbal conversation be considered as a modification or change to the Proposal.
  10. Clean-Up. All areas effected by Work performed on the property will be cleaned up to include raking and blowing off the lawn, hard surfaces, and hauling away any related debris, unless otherwise noted on the Proposal.
  11. Concealed Contingencies. Any additional Work or equipment required by BTS to complete the Proposal caused by (a) the Client’s failure to make a condition known, (b) previously unknown circumstances, or (c) any other condition not apparent in estimating the Work specified, shall be paid for by the Client on a time and material basis.
  12. Additional Terms for Plant Health Care and Tree Care Proposals. The following terms only apply to Proposals that include Plant Health Care and Tree Care services:
    1. Standard Examination Of Trees. Only trees specifically mentioned in writing were reviewed by BTS. Examinations were made from the ground and were solely visual inspections unless otherwise noted.
    2. Level 2 Basic Tree Risk Assessment. Separate from the Examination of Trees, a Level 2 Basic Tree Risk
      Assessment can be performed. This will be done using the International Society of Arboriculture’s (ISA) Best Management Practices. This is a service above our Standard Examination of Trees. It provides a verbal consultation and written assessment of the combined likelihood of a tree or tree part failure, the likelihood that that part will impact a target, and the consequences of impact on a particular target or targets. BTS will visually evaluate the overall tree, tree architecture, tree health, site conditions, root conditions, and trunk and branch defects to determine the best course of action. This service will be performed by an ISA Certified Arborist who is Tree Risk Assessment Qualified.
      This is a consultation only and is separate from other contracted work. Other methods of assessment may be recommended or required at an additional cost. The Client shall assume “Duty of Care” as a result of any assessments. Due to the dynamic nature of trees and acts of God, not all defects can be seen, or events predicted.
      The Client may be charged a fee for this assessment as determined by BTS.
    3. Stump Removal/Grinding. Stumps will be ground to a depth of 6-8 inches below grade unless another specification is
      provided in the Proposal. The hole created will be backfilled with the debris generated from grinding, raked into a mound, unless otherwise stated in the Proposal. Grindings from stump removal are not hauled unless specified in this Proposal. Surface and subsurface roots beyond the stump are not removed unless specified in this Proposal.
      Restoration of the area including topdressing, seeding, or replacement planting, is available at an additional cost.
    4. Debris Removal & Clean-up. Work-related debris will be cleaned up upon completion of the Work, unless otherwise coordinated by the Client and sales associate. The Work area, which does not include roof areas, shall be raked, hard surfaces will be cleaned off, and all brush, branches, and logs will be removed from the site unless specified otherwise. When clean-up is completed, some small twigs, fruit, leaves, and excess sawdust may remain.
    5. JULIE. BTS determines that JULIE or other utilities locators depending on location, must in some way assist in performing tree work safely, then the Work will be scheduled with JULIE subject to their availability. This participation by JULIE is required by tree care industry safety policies (ANSI Z133.1), OSHA and for insurance coverage. BTS will make all necessary preparations with JULIE in order to attempt a seamless outcome. However, BTS does not take responsibility for any aspect of JULIE’s participation in the work from scheduling to completion. BTS cannot be responsible for cancellations, postponements, power restorations or any aspect of JULIE’s involvement, but BTS will commit to working with the Client and JULIE until there is resolution.
    6. ANSI A300 Tree Care Standard Definitions. The following definitions apply to specifications detailed in this Agreement:
      1. Arborist. An Individual engaged in the profession of arboriculture who, through experience, education, and related training, possesses the competence to provide for or supervise the management of trees and other woody plants.
      2. Branch. A shoot or stem arising from another branch or stem.
      3. Crown. The part of a tree or shrub, measured from the lowest branch upward, including all the branches and foliage.
      4. Decay. The degradation of woody tissue caused by microorganisms.
      5. Heading. A pruning cut that removes a branch or stem between nodes (leaving a stub), to a bud, or to a live branch typically less than one-third the diameter of the branch or stem being removed.
      6. Leader. A main trunk or stem that dominates all or a portion of the crown. Trees and shrubs may have one leader or several individual leaders.
      7. Pruning. The selective removal of plant parts to achieve defined objectives.
      8. Raising. Arboricultural term referring to pruning of branches to provide vertical clearance below the crown.
      9. Reduction. Arboricultural term referring to decreasing branch length, or plant height and/or spread.
      10. Rejuvenation. Removal of overmature, dead, or dying stems of a shrub, near the ground, to stimulate new stem development.
      11. Restoration. Pruning to redevelop structure, form, and appearance of topped or damaged woody plants.
      12. Stem. A dominant leader or branch bearing buds, foliage, and giving rise to other branches and stems.
      13. Structural Development Pruning. Pruning to influence the orientation, spacing, growth rate, strength of attachment, and ultimate size of branches and stems.
      14. Thinning. An arboriculture term used to describe selective pruning to reduce density of branches and foliage.
  13. Additional Terms for Design Proposals. The following terms only apply to Proposals that include design services:
    1. Delivery of Design and Grant of Rights. Upon completion of the design services, BTS shall deliver the completed design (the “Design”) to the Client. BTS grants to Client all rights in the Design, including the rights to construct, copy, and/or modify the Design.
    2. Not Landscape Architects. BTS does not provide landscape architecture services, and BTS does not represent or warrant that any employee or agent of BTS is a landscape architect or licensed to provide landscape architecture services.
B. BTS’s Responsibilities
  1. Scheduling. Work scheduling is dependent on weather, availability of staff qualified to do the Work, type of Work to be performed, geographic relationship to other scheduled Work, and other unforeseen issues. For the different types of Proposals, specific terms for Work scheduling are as follows:
    1. One-Time Proposals (except Plant Health Care). Work crews will arrive at the Work site with notice the day before via phone call or email whenever possible. BTS will do its best to meet all scheduled Work dates, but BTS shall not be liable for damages due to delays or missed Work. If times are given they are approximate, and BTS will not be held responsible for being late or early. In the event that all aspects of the Work are not completed during the initial scheduled date, BTS will give the Client as much notice as possible in arranging the completion. BTS cannot always have all contracted Work completed in a single day, due to a multitude of factors. If this is a problem, the Client must notify BTS in advance; this requirement may delay the Work being performed and scheduled. However, nothing in nature is guaranteed, and factors outside our control may affect completion.
    2. One-Time Plant Health Care. Work crews will arrive on site with NO NOTICE unless otherwise specified on your seasonal Proposal in writing. If times are given they are approximate, and BTS will not be held responsible for being late or early.
    3. Seasonal Proposals. Work crews will arrive on site with NO NOTICE unless otherwise specified on your seasonal Proposal in writing. If times are given they are approximate, and BTS will not be held responsible for being late or early.

C. Client’s Responsibilities

  1. Accessibility of Work Site. The Client shall make the Work site accessible to BTS on the days when Work is to be performed under the Proposal. If the Work site is inaccessible to the crews of BTS and associated sub-contractors because of parked vehicles or other obstructions, the Client may be billed the contracted amount per Individual Labor Hour spent preparing for the service, addressing the issue on site, and travelling to/from the Work site.
  2. Removal of Personal Property. The Client shall remove any personal property, including but not limited to vehicles, furniture, and yard ornaments, from the Work site in advance.
  3. Property Lines. Client shall clearly indicate the location of all property lines and corners for BTS employees, at BTS’s request and as outlined in the Proposal.
  4. Underground Utilities. BTS shall notify Digger’s Hotline to mark underground utilities including water, gas, electric, and cable if BTS deems necessary. At BTS’s request and as outlined in the Proposal, Client shall arrange with a professional
    underground line service to mark any other lines for sprinkler lines, dog fence, septic systems, or other electric wires. BTS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE TO LINES THAT ARE NOT MARKED.

D. Payment

  1. Terms of Payment. Unless otherwise noted in the Proposal, payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Failure to remit full payment within the payment term may result in a finance charge of 1.5% per month and/or a suspension of services.
  2. Deposit. A 30% deposit is required for scheduling unless otherwise noted. This deposit is refundable at BTS’s sole discretion.
  3. Credit Card Service Fee. Payments made via credit card will be subject to a 3.5% service fee.
  4. Returned Checks. Client agrees to pay all fees incurred by BTS for checks returned for insufficient funds or any other reason.
  5. Collection Costs. If any payment obligation under this Agreement is not paid when due, the Client promises to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees, whether or not a lawsuit is commenced as part of the collection process.

E. Termination

  1. Full or Partial Termination by Client.
    1. The Client may cancel the Work to be performed under the Proposal, in full or in part, if the Client provides at least
      48 hours advance notice. If 48 hours advance notice is provided, the deposit will be fully or partially refunded at
      BTS’s sole discretion.
    2. If 48 hours advance notice is not provided, the deposit is not refundable.
    3. If a crew has been dispatched to the Work site, the Client will be billed (a) the contracted amount per Individual Labor
      Hour spent preparing for the service, addressing the issue on site, and travelling to/from the Work site, plus (b) any
      materials or equipment rental costs incurred by BTS.
  2. Termination for Cause. If either party breaches any provision of this Agreement and if such breach is not cured within thirty (30) days after receiving written notice from the other party specifying such breach in reasonable detail, the non-breaching party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement by giving written notice thereof to the party in breach, which termination shall go into effect immediately on receipt.
  3. Termination on Insolvency. Either party has the right to terminate this Agreement where the other party becomes insolvent, fails to pay its bills when due, makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors, goes out of business, or ceases production.

F. Publicity and Promotion

  1. Publicity Release. Client grants to BTS and its parents, subsidiaries, legal representatives, affiliates, and assigns, permission to copyright, use, reuse, publish and republish photographs, pictures, prints, video and/or sound recordings of Work performed on Client’s property for the purpose of BTS’s marketing and publicity activities.
  2. No Client Approval. Client waives any right that Client may have to inspect or approve the finished product in the advertising copy or other materials that may be used in conjunction with BTS’s marketing or publicity activities.

G. BTS’s Representations and Warranties

BTS represents and warrants to the Client as follows:

  1. Insurance. BTS will maintain insurance in commercially reasonable amounts calculated to protect itself from any and all claims of any kind or nature for damage to property or personal injury, including death, made by anyone, that may arise from activities performed or facilitated by this contract, whether these activities are performed by that company, its employees, agents, or anyone directly or indirectly engaged or employed by that party or its agents.
    Certificates of coverage are available upon request. Allow one week for request.
  2. Pesticide Licensing. BTS warrants that it is licensed for the application of pesticides in Illinois and that all technicians
    performing Work on site are appropriately trained and licensed.
  3. Tree and Shrub Planting Warranty. Except for lawn seed applications or sod installations, BTS guarantees that all plant materials shall be delivered and installed in a healthy condition. BTS will replace one time, any tree or shrub (excluding perennials and annuals) supplied and planted by BTS within 12 months of the day of planting; however, BTS is not liable to replace those trees or shrubs damaged by excessive heat, excessive cold, animals, insects, mechanical damage, negligence of owner, drought, flooding, not enough or too much watering, frost cracking, lightning, improper fertilization, wind, natural disaster, or acts of God. NOTWITHSTANDING THE FOREGOING, THERE IS NO WARRANTY UNLESS THE CLIENT’S BILL IS PAID IN FULL WHEN DUE, AND THERE IS NO RIGHT OF WARRANTY REPLACEMENT UNLESS ACCESS TO SITE OF PLANTING STILL EXISTS. Replacement is the exclusive remedy and there shall be no cash refunds or cash adjustments. Replacement is limited to stock available to BTS from nurseries at time of claim. Warranty is not assignable or transferrable.
  4. No Warranty on Lawn Seed Applications or Sod Installations. BTS does not guarantee or warranty lawn seed applications or sod installations, for any reason.
  5. Limited Warranty for Supplemental Support Systems. Where supplemental support systems for trees or shrubs are
    necessary, BTS makes a reasonable effort to ensure that all supplemental support systems are installed according to accepted industry guidelines. However, BTS makes absolutely no warranties or guarantees, express or implied, on the fitness, serviceability, or performance of these support systems. BTS’s liability shall be limited to the cost of the installation of such supplemental support systems, including labor. Regular inspection and maintenance of supplemental support systems is required to ensure their continued serviceability and performance.

H. Client’s Representations and Warranties

Client represents and warranties to BTS as follows:

  1. Property Ownership. Client warrants that (a) the Client is the owner of all property where the specified Work is to be
    performed; (b) the Client has the necessary rights and authority necessary to enter into and perform this Agreement; and (c) the execution of this Agreement will not conflict with, result in any violation or breach of, constitute a default under, give rise to any right of termination or acceleration (with or without notice or the lapse of time or both) pursuant to, or result in being declared void or voidable, any term or provision of any note, bond, mortgage, indenture, lease, license, contract or other instrument to which Client is a party or by which the property where the specified Work is to be performed is or may be bound.
  2. Tree Ownership. Client warrants that all trees listed in the Proposal are located on Client’s property, and, if not, that the Client has received full permission from the tree(s) owner to allow BTS to perform the specified Work. Should any tree be mistakenly identified as to ownership, the Client shall indemnify BTS for any and all damages or costs incurred from the result thereof.

I. Limitations and Disclaimers

  1. General Disclaimer. In its sole discretion, BTS may inform the Client when (1) Work to be done may not be aesthetically
    pleasing: (2) Work to be done may not satisfactorily remedy all the Client stated goals or concern(s); or (3) Work to be done may be detrimental to plant health. However, if Client chooses to accept the Proposal and the Work is done as specified, then the Client assumes all responsibility for any and all consequences and results.
  2. Rotating Line Trimmer Damage. BTS will attempt to minimize damage that may occur when operating rotating line trimmers to perform Work directly against structures like fence posts, walls, landscape ornaments, or any other structure. However, due to the inherent nature of rotating line trimmers, damage and wear, especially over time, is impossible to avoid. BTS shall not be responsible for such damage and the Client should report such wear immediately to BTS.
  3. Tree Risk. When prominent risk conditions in trees are observed and identified by BTS and the Client approves a Proposal to proceed with the Work BTS has recommended, BTS will make a reasonable effort to proceed with the Work promptly. BTS does not assume any liability for any accident, damage or injury that may occur on the ground or on any other object or structure prior to the Work beginning.
  4. Lawn Repair. BTS will attempt to minimize disturbances and depressions made by our equipment to the Client’s lawn. Lawn repairs are not included in the Proposal price unless specified.
  5. Driveway Damage. BTS will attempt to minimize damage that may occur from operating equipment and vehicles on driveways, but BTS will not be responsible for driveway repairs in the unlikely event they become necessary.
  6. Working With Living Things. Trees and other plant life are living, changing organisms affected by factors beyond BTS’s control. There is no guarantee on tree, plant, or general landscape safety, and neither health nor condition is expressed or implied in this contract unless specifically stated in writing.
  7. No Guarantee of Treatment. BTS cannot guarantee that any treatment will be effective or prevent insect or fungus damage. If BTS recommends treatment, it is because BTS believes that the tree/shrub/lawn is a worthy candidate for treatment at that time.
  8. Force Majeure. Neither party shall be held responsible for any delay or failure in performance of any part of this Agreement to the extent such delay or failure is caused by fire, flood, explosion, war, embargo, government requirement, civil or military authority, act of God, or other similar causes beyond its control and without the fault or negligence of the delayed or nonperforming party. The affected party will notify the other party in writing within ten (10) days after the beginning of any such cause that would affect its performance. Notwithstanding, if a party’s performance is delayed for a period exceeding thirty (30) days from the date the other party receives notice under this paragraph, the non-affected party will have the right, without any liability to the other party, to terminate this Agreement.
  10. Storm Damage and Emergencies – Property Damage and Liability Release. The following terms only apply to Proposals that include services to repair storm damage and other emergency services:
    1. The Client acknowledges and agrees that (i) BTS cannot reasonably perform the Work contemplated by this Agreement without the risk of damage to Client’s real or personal property; and that (ii) BTS shall not be responsible or liable for any damage to Client’s real or personal property caused by, contributed to, or resulting from the Work or BTS’s presence at or near Client’s real or personal property unless caused by BTS’s gross negligence.
    2. In the event of existing damage to Client’s real or personal property at or near the work site prior to the Work being performed, BTS does not guarantee that no further damage will occur and BTS shall not be responsible or liable for any additional damage to Client’s real or personal property caused by, contributed to, or resulting from the Work or BTS’s presence at or near Client’s real or personal property unless caused by BTS’s gross negligence.
  11. Client Fence Removal. Should BTS have to remove or adjust any privately owned fence parts on the Clients property, per the written specifications of the approved Proposal, BTS shall not be responsible or liable for any damage to Client’s real or personal property caused by, contributed to, or resulting from the Work or BTS’s presence at or near Client’s real or personal property unless caused by BTS’s gross negligence.

J. Miscellaneous

  1. Notice.
    1. Any notice permitted or required to be delivered by a party under this Agreement must be (i) in writing; (ii) delivered to the other party at its address listed below, or to such other address as the other party designates in writing in accordance with this Agreement; and (iii) sent by certified or registered mail, fax, or courier. Any notice so delivered is effective upon receipt.
      If to BTS: Backwoods Tree Service, Inc. 111 S Broadway St Manito, IL 61546.
      If to Client: To Client’s last known billing address if different from the Work address listed on the Proposal.
    2. If a party gives the other party a notice on a day that is not a Business Day or after 5:00 pm on a Business Day, it is deemed received at 9:00 am on the next Business Day.
    3. If a party rejects a notice, or the notice cannot otherwise be delivered in accordance with this Agreement, then the notice is deemed received upon its rejection or the inability to deliver it.
  2. Successors and Assigns. This Agreement binds and benefits the parties to this Agreement and their respective permitted successors and assigns.
  3. Severability. If any provision of this Agreement is illegal or unenforceable, that provision is severed from this Agreement and the other provisions remain in effect.
  4. Amendments. This Agreement may be amended only by a written agreement signed by the parties.
  5. Merger. This Agreement reflects the parties’ final and exclusive agreement as to the matters addressed in this Agreement and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous negotiations and agreements between the parties as to such matters.
  6. Waiver. Neither a party’s failure to insist on the other party’s strict performance of any obligation under this Agreement, nor course of conduct under this Agreement, constitutes a waiver of the other party’s breach of that or any other obligation.
  7. Compliance With Laws. Each party shall comply in all respects with all applicable legal requirements governing the duties, obligations, and business practices of that party and shall obtain any permits or licenses necessary for its operations. Neither party shall take any action in violation of any applicable legal requirement that could result in liability being imposed on the other party.
  8. Relationship of the Parties. The relationship of the parties under this Agreement is that of an independent contractor and the client hiring the contractor. In all matters relating to this Agreement each party hereto shall be solely responsible for the acts of its employees and agents, and employees or agents of one party shall not be considered employees or agents of the other party. Except as otherwise provided herein, no party shall have any right, power, or authority to create any obligation, express or implied, on behalf of any other party. Nothing in this Agreement is intended to create or constitute a joint venture, partnership, agency, trust, or other association of any kind between the parties or persons referred to herein.
  9. Counterpart Execution and Facsimile/PDF Signatures. The parties may execute this Agreement in one or more counterparts, each of which is an original, and all of which together constitute only one agreement between the parties. Signature pages may be transmitted by facsimile or by email with the signature page attached as a PDF document. Upon delivery via either of these methods, a signature shall be deemed an original and shall be admissible in evidence. Acceptable electronic signature methods include:
    1. A typed name typed on a signature block.
    2. A scanned or digitized image of a handwritten signature that’s attached to an electronic record.
    3. A handwritten signature input onto an electronic signature pad.
    4. A handwritten signature, mark or command input on a display screen with a stylus device.
    5. A signature created by a third-party software.
  10. Governing Law. The Laws of Illinois (without regard to conflict of Laws) govern all matters arising under or relating to this Agreement. All disputes arising under or relating to this Agreement are to be decided by the courts located in Mason County, Illinois.
  11. Attorney’s Fees and Costs. In any suit or arbitration regarding the Agreement, including but not limited to a collections action, the parties agree that the prevailing party shall be entitled reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs.